Professional and Discreet Investigative Services in Rhode Island and Massachusetts


With more than 25 years of experience, Payne Investigative Services, LLC offers customized solutions throughout the State of Rhode Island and Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Below is a general overview of our services and expertise. Contact us to discuss the best options for you through a free phone consultation.   


We will work closely with you and put together a plan of action to get to the truth of the matter when you suspect marital infidelity. We will implement a customized investigation to suit your goals which will ultimately give you peace of mind and a positive outcome.

We can also utilize our private detective services to assist in other domestic situations requiring effective and confidential investigative strategies.   


We have decades of experience providing protective services ranging from personal to full executive security services. This includes threat assessments, site surveys, advance services, motorcade movements, and event protection. We will cater our level of protection to meet your needs. Members of our staff have received professional training and performed protection services in a wide range of environments.


We perform background screening investigations involving a comprehensive database inquiry. This includes court records reflecting criminal and civil actions as well as outstanding liens, bankruptcies, and financial judgments. We also conduct interviews of references, if needed. In this day and age, having this vital information is critical for you to have before making important decisions. Whether you need tenant/roommate screening, pre-employment background checks, or pre-date/marital investigations, consider the long-lasting benefit of the insight this information would give you before making potentially life-changing decisions.


Our private detectives and investigators can work closely with your legal staff to support your investigative needs and help bring a successful conclusion to your case. We will use the full range of our services including locating witnesses, conducting surveillance and interviewing parties involved in your criminal or civil cases. We also have the resources to handle complete background investigations. We offer creative, effective and timely services to meet your case requirements.

Trusted and Discreet Investigative Services   

When you need discreet investigative services in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, trust Payne Investigative Services, LLC to take your case. We offer our investigative expertise to individuals and companies to help them gather information about certain situations. This includes performing background checks on a new employee or looking for proof of infidelity to help with divorce proceedings. 


Additionally, we also offer private and executive security solutions to give you peace of mind that you or your company’s executives are safe from harm. With our private protection services, we will ensure that you are covered in your daily life and that any threats to you or your family are minimalized before they happen. This includes performing detailed threat assessments before going out to public venues and providing motorcade protection while traveling. We handle these same tasks for your company when you choose to take advantage of our executive protection services.    

Assisting Legal Professionals

Through our investigative services, we commonly give assistance to legal professionals such as lawyers. By enlisting our services, we take care of gathering information related to your clients’ situations to help you build a stronger case in their favor. Typically we collect this information through surveillance and database searches. To learn more about our litigation support investigations or to take advantage of our services for your client, reach out to our office. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and give you any assistance you require.


Contact us to learn more about our investigative and protection services. We proudly serve individuals and businesses throughout Rhode Island.